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Imagine the impact of surprising your faithful clients with a dream vacation package.

  • Entice prospects with a free vacation in return for a short telephone chat about your product or service.
  •  Reward  your employees with top hotel stays in Cape Town , Paris , Vegas, Rome, Bali and many more destinations
  • The perfect customer and staff incentive that truly delivers results

Seduce clients by offering them amazing 3-5 nights luxury hotel accomodation, 4+ Star TripAdvisor rated vacations in sought after holiday locations such as Paris, Hawaii, Thailand, South Africa, Mexico, Rome, New York (and 80 other top destinations!) 

Impress Your Clients and Staff with Unforgettable Exclusive Getaways

Traveling excites just about everyone. People love the thrill of getting freebies and bonuses. Combine both and what you get is a Free Vacation.

What your primary business does or which industry you operate in does not matter . Offering a Free Vacation is just about the best way to entice a propective client , nurture a potential, reward a loyal customer or a top performing member of staff .

Be the hero by fulfilling your customer's dreams of escaping to paradise in Bali, experiencing the romance of Paris, enjoying the beauty of Cape Town, partying in Vegas, or soaking up the sun on a Sydney beach. They see you as the funder of their dreams . You , funded by us through this incentive package . It is a certain way to grab even the most reluctant client's attention and turn them into passionate supporters of your brand and raving buyers of your products .

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Your Clients Will Be Delighted and Your Staff Will Love Working For You

Here is why Incentive Based Marketing Always Works

It’s tangible . Its not a trick or sweetened up facade . Its real.


It’s a Surefire Proven Winning Marketing Startegy

The Art Of Marketing lies in tapping Into Emotions . Create an emotional bond and you will gain a loyal customer


A Study by Oxford University Economics Department indicated that people are 3 times more likely to take action when offered tangible incentives (such as travel) than when offered monetary incentives (like cash discounts). This fact has been proven over and over again . Buyers have a far greater preferance for real incentives and bonuses compared to discounts .

By giving your customers complimentary vacations you are intensifying their passion for your brand coupled with a desire to buy .

Check out these thrilling destinations

50 International (not US) Destinations

30 US Destinations

Send a Complimentary Luxury Hotel Stay as a High Value  Incentive  . Hotels are located in the Worlds Top Tourist Destinations

50 Global Destinations outside the USA And a Further 30 destinations in the USA

Each hotel has a ranking of  4+ Stars by TripAdvisor

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How Will You Double Or Quadruple Sales

With This Incentive Programme There Are So Many Ways . 

Word of Mouth by Delighted Customers .

Display The Incentive in Your Physical Store or Online store.

Send an email to your customer list or from your Store App

By giving away a complementary luxury hotel stay as an incentive or as a competition to your buyers , an immediate buzz is created . Customers will and do purchase products for the opportunity of winning a prize . It is a proven and winning formula .


 Real and worthwhile Incentives allow new customers to try your products and services.  Soon more and more new customers will flock to you rather than your competitor .

How Is it Possible to Give Away Luxury Hotel Accommodation 

Our industry insider partnership with over 5000 hotels Worldwide makes this a reality . Guests are the lifeblood of the Hotel Industry and the partneship we have helps fill rooms that may otherwise remain unoccupied .


Hotel guests buy food , beverages , visit the spa facilities or gift shop within the hotel , all of which contribute to the income of of the hotel business .


This exciting incentive programme allows you the power and ability to give to anyone , complimentary stays at luxury hotels all across the world. There are 80 prime destinations globally and growing . Complimentary stays are between 3 to 7 nights depending on the location and hotel. All the hotels are 4+ star rated by TripAdvisor.


Your business benefits immensely by attracting new clients , retaining existing clients , or members of staff . Hotels gain by gaining more visitors who often make use of the hotel's add on services.


Rest Assured this is Not Timeshare . It is the most exciting incentive programme and its available to you.


For as low as $999 per year, watch your sales and customer acquisition skyrocket. An incentive programme that is no gimmick It works all the time , everytime.


Included in Your Package is a library of 200 Quality videos for every marketing need or niche .  See Below


This is the  Surefire way of Outshining Your Competitors

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Make a Lasting Impression and convert leads into paying clients , and customers to passionate fans with the Power our Incentive Programme puts in your hand.


Achieve Unparalleled Success , Leave Competitors Trailing in your wake , and become the Industry Leader in your Niche . Does not matter what your Niche Is , this Incentive Programme will be your Ticket .


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Transform Your Life by giving away unlimited complimentary hotel stays at premium hotels across the globe . Attract new prospects , excite existing customers , Tempt  and drive leads to your webinars . Whether your offer is a physical product  , digital , or a service . This works no matter what your offer is

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