We are glad you are wanting to go on your vacation!

Choose from 31 destinations in the USA or 84 international destinations outside of the USA.

No Timeshare Presentation Required!

There are 3- to 7-night options. All hotel or resort stays are at 3 to 5 star properties for two people. At least one person must be age 21 or older and must have a major credit card, some hotels may make an exception and accept a debit card. Some hotels may make an exception and accept children under age 12 in the USA, for an additional fee, and others will not. You will be able to choose from the available hotels or resorts at the time of the reservation.
You are not required to attend a timeshare or vacation ownership sales presentation while you are on vacation, although they might invite you.

Once you submit the below form, you will receive an email with your complimentary vacation (excluding taxes and fees) within 24 hours, to the destination you chose. You will have a certain time period specified in the email (please check inbox and spam/junk folder as it comes from a third-party vendor) to activate and pay for the nominal taxes and fees, that currently range for International Destinations outside the USA from $19.00 to $44.14 USD per night and in the U. S. Destinations from $28.12 to $69.95 USD per night. The taxes and fees are subject to change.

Once paid, you have up to 18 months to reserve and use your complimentary vacation. Please make sure you do not let it expire, as we do want you to enjoy your vacation!

Please note that hotels and resorts may require a credit card as a deposit for incidentals.

Please read terms and conditions within your complimentary vacation certificate and email for details, as well as in the reservation process on the third-party vendor site. Transportation is not included.

Your address must be at least 100 miles or 160 kilometers away from the destination you chose, however Mexico residents may not redeem vacations within the country of Mexico. Some resorts or hotels may require some additional taxes or fees, such as a nominal resort fee.

Only one complimentary vacation (excluding taxes and fees) per household per year.

If you reserve more than one within a one-year time period your reservation may not be honored and will be non-refundable as well as reported for fraudulent use, which may affect the person’s subscription of who gave you this vacation voucher. Five Diamond Club LLC and its vendors will pursue legal action and prosecute anyone misusing or fraudulently attempting to use the complimentary vacation vouchers.

This is how the complimentary vacations work:

You have 18 months to enjoy this incentive so you do not need travel dates today to get started.

Activate your Hotel stay within 7 days of receiving the email from our third-party vendor by simply paying the recovery costs for the local government taxes and tourism fees.

Check your email (inbox, spam or junk folder) after activation for link to manage your trip.

Next step simply login and Select your preferred travel dates and view available Hotels or Resorts.

Then simply Choose hotel or resort and room type from available and participating hotels and resorts.

For Best Hotel / Resort options and availability search weekday travel with check-in from Sunday – Thursdays, also some weekends may have small surcharges or limited availability.

Certain Holidays and special events may have limited or no availability keep in mind you have an 18 month period to select amazing Hotel & Resort options.

Each vacation is designed as a couple’s getaway – the majority of available room types will be for up to 2 adults. Some destinations may not have room configurations with availability for children. Adding children may reduce your hotel options or available date selections.

GROUP travel is NOT allowed only 1 party among friends, family, acquaintances or known groups can use the complimentary vacation incentive for the same or overlapping travel dates.

Happy travels!